“Taryn Francis has choreographed for our program for the past four years, each year she comes to us with the latest techniques and teaching methods. Our program has advanced tremendously each year she has worked with us. Our school and our administration has complimented us greatly since she has worked with us.

Taryn has a unique ability to teach and communicate to all levels of dance and cheer. Some of our squad members have been with us for all four years that Taryn has choreographed for us, not only have they excelled at cheer they have also gone on to make the school’s dance team. Taryn connects with all the kids in a way that makes them feel safe, secure, and confident in learning. The professionalism that Taryn exudes is an example of her dedication to her students and the art of dance
and Cheer.”

Thank you,
Jose & Buffee


“I was a cheer and dance coach for a small high school in central California. Our squads had limited resources and undeveloped talent. Connecting with Taryn Francis was the best coaching decision I made! She started with fundamental skills which eventually developed into amazing performances. Taryn’s choreography and music choices were always unique and charismatic. She tailored the choreography to the strengths and talent levels of the dancers. Taryn’s instruction and motivational technique always boosted their confidence and made them better performers. Our squad began competing at regional and national competitions and the dance program went from ordinary to extraordinary!

Taryn is a consummate professional and working with her was always a positive and delightful experience for me and the members of my dance squad. She has a passion and desire to get the best out of everyone and for us, she succeeded on all levels.”

-Jeannette Pacheco
Cheer and Dance Coach (Retired)
Le Grand High School


“The Summer Art Academy in Agoura Hills was lucky to have Taryn Francis teach Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer and Musical Theater workshops from the summer of 2013 to the present. Taryn directly worked with children ages 5-11 years old, and directed support staff ages 12- 25 years old. As the Site Director, I can honestly say that she was one of the best instructors that I have ever worked with. I could always count on her classes to be popular, fun, entertaining, and exciting for our campers! As an Instructor, Taryn somehow found a way to relate to every single child in a unique and special way. She understands HOW to teach children the fundamentals… that result in show stopping performances!

Taryn is kind, spirited, fun and a true delight to work with. I would absolutely recommend her as a Choreographer, Dancer, Coach or Instructor!”

-Ashley Crosner
Site Director – Summer Art Academy (Agoura Hills)


“I worked with Taryn for over ten years as an assistant Director of “A Unique Step” Dance Studio and “Phenomenon All-Stars” Cheer and Dance teams, as well as The Fresno Grizzly Diamond Dancers. It was a pleasure working with Taryn, she is very professional and understands how to connect with her students. I loved seeing her come up with choreography, and watch it blossom from ideas into creative visual artistry. She really is an artist and knows how to work with students of all levels and create perfection and championship quality. I’ve watched her work with students with two left feet and teach them rhythm and make them look like they had been dancing for years! I’ve watched her work with experts and polish them even further, taking their abilities to the next level. She is a talented young lady, and I’m honored to have shared the time working with such a professional choreographer, director, coach, and dancer.”

– Ms. Stephanie


“Taryn is a creative dancer, instructor, and overall fitness trainer. I hired Taryn a few times when she was working in the Central Valley to help improve my cardio conditioning, balance, grace, and flexibility for a very specific project. My project required that Taryn created personal routines which exceeded my expectations, were affordable, and met my overall fitness and training goals. I would likely contract with her again!”

-Peter Fortuna


“I am the Cheerleading Head Coach at Mt. Whitney High School. Taryn has worked with my teams for the past 3 years. Every year Taryn brings us new quality choreography that is up with all the competition trends for our level. She gives us polished routines that really get our crowd excited. Taryn has a great talent at creating crowd boosting and exciting choreography, that an audience of any level can enjoy. Some choreographers teach only what they know. Taryn gets to know your students and their levels, and choreographs to their abilities, as well as challenging them to the next level.

Before Taryn, we spent a ton of money traveling to a Varsity Camp at a college university. What we ended up with? A bunch of routines that I, as a coach and teacher, had to build onto, change, and customize to fit our needs. For a teacher, with all the other things going on during the school year, this just adds an extra burden, that really made the material our cheerleaders learned at camp, seem useless. They either didn’t like the music, got sick of the choreography, or just were not challenged enough. Taryn has solved all these problems. She asks for what we want and creates a camp custom to our needs for the entire year!! This is such an answer to all our prayers! She asks us for music preferences, she asks what our levels are, and she brings material all my squads can rally behind and stay excited about for the entire year. I just know that working with Taryn will be a tradition we continue for years to come.

Thank you Taryn for solving all our choreography issues, from a teacher, and a coach, thank you for making my life much easier and less frantic during the testing and craziness of the school year, and for making my all my cheerleaders much happier as well!!”

– Coach Francis